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We all know that encryption is complicated but most people think that because they are using AES, Blowfish, IDEA, or some other advanced encryption then the data is secure. Well it’s more complicated than that. Not only do you have to look at the key size like 128 bit, 256 bit, etc., but another really […]

This is part 13 of the Modernizing Your Infrastructure with Hybrid Cloud series. You can find find the rest of the series located here: Hopefully by now you have had a chance to use Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and Websites. One of the things you might want for your server on the internet is […]

My Father introduced me to computers when I was in high school and one of his favorite tools he would add to his workstation was a DOS tool called “whereis.exe”. The whereis name comes from a Unix command but that is not what I like about it. The executable my Dad  had was a great […]

Ok, once again we have a very scary computer security / insecurity revelation. USB drives are horribly insecure! We have known to be concerned of devices that map directly to memory, like FireWire. They can access the computer ram and read it or write it without restriction. USB always seemed to be more secure than […]

Just when I thought I knew all about creating Virtual Machines up on Microsoft’s Azure public cloud platform a new way has released this past Monday. (The wonderful thing about working in technology is that you are always learning) As of this past Monday the Azure Preview Portal now has the ability to create, manage, […]

Customers often want to know what is coming in the next versions of a Microsoft product or service. The Office 365 group understands this and has programmatically added it to their process. With online services product groups at Microsoft are continually adding new functionality into the offerings. As opposed to a traditional software product which […]

One of the questions customers often ask is what the heck does the new /vm switch do in Sysprep.exe. Well here is the secret… What the /mode:vm switch doesRunning SYSPREP removes unique information, such as the SID and GUID, but it also resets the hardware drivers information. When you run Sysprep with the /mode:vm switch […]

Have you heard of HDbaseT?I currently use HDMI to connect my flat-panel TV to my Bose system which uses HDMI to connect to a bunch of other devices. (Xbox, Cable, Roku, Apple TV, PS3) It sure would be nice to be able to use a CAT5 cable to connect these devices instead of HDMI. That […]

I have often been asked “Does Microsoft have a Hadoop strategy?” The answer is, Yes! The easiest way to get this to work is in Microsoft Azure using the HDInsight feature. As businesses seek ways to store, manage and analyze their ever-increasing amounts of data, they have looked for tools to capitalize on this wealth […]

What is Secure Boot?Secure Boot is a security standard developed by members of the PC industry to help make sure that your PC boots using only software that is trusted. This is a technology to prevent Rootkits. Windows 8 and above supports Secure Boot as does Windows Server 2012 and above. How does it work? […]