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If you were an a Windows 10 insider, as it was being developed, you got new builds of Windows all the time. It was easy to see what build you were running because it was displayed in the bottom right corner of your desktop. But as of build 10240 it’s not there so how do […]

Have you ever wondered why you see two desktop.ini files on your Windows desktop? I had a customer ask me this question yesterday and I thought I would share the answer for those of you who always wondered but never “Binged” why. These files are hidden system files and by default. This means that they […]

Does one of your Datacenters look like this lovely server closet with the toilet right there? No, that’s not photo shopped. Fact is often stranger than fiction. Get a real remote datacenter by using Azure! Have you heard of the hybrid cloud? Come find out how to use the Microsoft Azure Cloud as one of […]

Anyone using a WordPress website needs to be aware of this current security issue and take immediate action to ensure your website is secure. It has been found that a lot of Plugins and Themes are vulnerable to Cross-site Scripting (XSS) due to the misuse of two coding functions. (the add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() functions) What […]

I have been fascinated and a fan of encryption for years. The first encryption I used was PGP. The history of PGP encryption started back in 1991 and is interesting. I became more interested in February of 1993 when Phil Zimmermann became the formal target of a criminal investigation by the US Government for “munitions […]

I am on a plane returning to the Midwest from Redmond Washington and wanted share what an awesome experience I just had. I was just at a Microsoft sponsored Hackathon that was held at Microsoft’s “Garage”. The Garage is a magical place where you can learn new technical things and build new technical gadgets. One […]

I just had the biggest technical pain that I have had in the past year. I download the update Windows8.1-KB3000850-x64 which is over 700meg.  I have attempted the install from both Windows update and from downloading it from here. It always would proceed fine and then need to reboot the machine. During the reboot it […]

Microsoft has announced a new Surface 3! This is not the Surface 3 Pro, it is a newer Surface geared at a lower price point and better battery life. The consumer version list price starts at $499. It runs the new Intel Atom x7 processor that sips battery power while giving lots of computing power! […]

I try to be safe and not use ATM machines in untrusted places but my bank is a trusted place, right? Well, after seeing the two devices below, I now have a new appreciation for the ability criminals have to fool me. The SkimmerFirst a criminal would need to get a copy of the magnetic […]

I was trying to add an Office plugin to my system but I needed to know if I was running the 32 bit or 64 bit version of Office 2013. I assumed I could just click on “help” and then “about” to get my answer. That was kinda the answer but it took me forever […]