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The Heartbleed bug is a big deal. This flaw affected TOR and about two-thirds of internet websites. The flaw was uncovered by researchers from Google and Codenomicon. It is expected that the big sites will be fixed quickly but that all the different devices and sites effected will not all be updated for months. The […]

As IT professionals, it’s your job to keep up with the latest demands – ensuring your organization has the fastest, most intuitive technology and uninterrupted services, while giving people the freedom to work anywhere, anytime, on a variety of devices. Join us for the upcoming IT Camp, “Empowering People-Centric IT with Windows 8.1 for IT […]

The Windows 8.1 Update is available on MSDN as of yesterday and will be available on Windows update April 8th. Click the image on the right to see a full size screenshot of the update on MSDN. It is available for ARM, X86, and X64. I am pulling it down now and will be installing […]

Today Microsoft announced and released Office for iPad. Specifically Word, Excel, and PowerPoint released for the iPad. OneNote had an update release also. At about 1 PM CST the apps went live in the App Store and I pulled them down immediately. I am extremely impressed in their functionality. These are not just light weight […]

We have a very exciting project where we are reaching out to customers for a series of interviews over the next few months. The project is extremely agile and the interviews will be rapid, 30 minute max where, as the product progresses we will continue to maintain a customer pulse getting feature feedback and their […]

What’s better than sitting down with a technical book? Sitting down with a Free technical book or at one you can get work to pay for. Since most of us have more in the want category than we do in the budget category, I thought you might be interested in the free eBooks that Microsoft […]

Today Microsoft announce the global availability of OneDrive. For existing SkyDrive customers, you are all set. Your files are already in the new OneDrive experience—all you have to do is head over to and log in. For those of you just hearing about the service for the first time, OneDrive gives you one place […]

Server Virtualization is a great way to enhance your disaster recovery strategy. Server Virtualization adds agility not only in managing your day to day server environment but it also adds agility in restoring your servers in case of a problem. When restoring a server to new hardware it is really nice when you can restore […]

Over the next three weeks my team will be running a blog series with a new post each day covering Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity topics. We chose the topic of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity because this is an absolute necessity in any IT shop and we want to help give you the information […]

A new version of Processor Explorer shipped yesterday and it is better than ever at helping you find unwanted malware. The new version is Version 16.0. This version of Process Explorer introduces a new integration with, an online antivirus analysis service. When enabled, Process Explorer sends the hashes of images and files shown in […]