If you have been wanting an easy backup solution for your Azure IaaS Gen 2 VMs your wait is over! The Recovery Services Vault for Resource Managed VMs is out in Preview as of two days ago! It is even easier than it was in old portal with Service Managed VMs. See for yourself how easy it is to back up your Azure servers in the video below.

In this video I will walk you through the set of steps for creating a Recovery Services vault and backing up an Azure virtual machine (VM). This tutorial is for use with Recovery Services vaults which can be used to protect IaaS v.2 or Azure Resource Manager (ARM)-based VMs. We will use the new Azure Portal for this.

Here are the specific steps I will walk through:

  1. Create a Recovery Services vault for a VM.
  2. Set the backup policy
  3. Select the VMs to protect.
  4. Run the initial backup.



For more details see the blog post here:

First look: Back up ARM VMs to a Recovery Services vault