imageYesterday I presented a TechNet On Tour hands on labs event with Yung Chow in Indianapolis. We taught a room full of IT technologist on services in Azure that they could use to update and improve their disaster recovery plans. From my perspective it was a great event and I had a lot of fun doing my day job for Microsoft.


Yung Presenting on Azure at the TechNet On Tour Event

So, since I was busy working, I missed the Windows 10 devices event where a lot of great new hardware was announced:

  • An Xbox One Update
  • A new controller for both Xbox and Windows 10
  • The second version of the Microsoft Band (watch)
  • 3 new Microsoft Lumia Phones
  • HoloLens & it’s SDK – for $3000
  • New Surface Keyboard
  • New Surface docking station
  • Surface 4
  • Surface Book

Late last night before just before I was heading to bed I thought I would look at the video of the launch. Yes, I knew about the products already from reading a few articles on the event and from some customers who had told me about them during my TechNet event. A couple of customers were watching the video instead of listening to Yung and I. Can’t say I blame them. :)

I started watching the briefing and ended up spending the next 2 hours watching the entire event and not getting to bed until 2am. But – Wow, wow, wow! I highly recommend you watch the briefing. I have not been so excited about spending some of my money since Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple iPad. I can’t wait to read the reviews and see if I should buy… My top 3 wants are a Band, a Phone, and a Surface Book. Santa are you listening? (Yeah, I know he is)

Here is the link to the Windows 10 Devices Announcement / briefing: