18dd99b7-df6d-4c12-b0b6-8f0254aac9f6-mediumDoes one of your Datacenters look like this lovely server closet with the toilet right there? No, that’s not photo shopped. Fact is often stranger than fiction.

Get a real remote datacenter by using Azure! Have you heard of the hybrid cloud? Come find out how to use the Microsoft Azure Cloud as one of your datacenters that allows you to spin up servers at your leisure!

You can get hybrid-ready at a free IT Camp in your local area! In this immersive, full-day training session, you’ll learn how to move your IT workloads from on-premises to the cloud and back again. You’ll also see how Microsoft Azure supports powerful virtualization, on-demand application scaling, complete data control, and the fastest customer response times around.

From your first cup of coffee until the moment we pull the power cords, you’ll enjoy lively demos and hands-on instruction from experts who will show you how to expand your IT options without adding unnecessary complexity. Here are just a few of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Overview of what is Available to you in the Azure cloud
  • Migration of on-premises virtualization to Azure Virtual Machines, Apps, and Storage
  • ADFS on Microsoft Azure and Office 365 Integration, including Multi-Factor authentication
  • Microsoft Azure for Test, Development, and Production (IaaS)
  • Disaster Recovery – How to backup to the Cloud!

Don’t miss this free event in your local area – regardless of whether you’re new to the cloud, or you currently use an on-premises, hybrid or fully cloud-based solution. All IT Pros are welcome!

*** Just added come get an update on Windows 10 which will ship July 29th, 2015***

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Microsoft IT Camps
Events run from 9am‒4pm
Cost: Free!