Ofc365_Orng166_rgbCustomers often want to know what is coming in the next versions of a Microsoft product or service. The Office 365 group understands this and has programmatically added it to their process. With online services product groups at Microsoft are continually adding new functionality into the offerings. As opposed to a traditional software product which bundles all the updates into a new version every year and a half or so. I see having a published roadmap as a much appreciated addition to the services model.

The Office 365 team just launched an Office 365 Business Roadmap site. Unveiled yesterday, June 19th, in a blog post. You can see the announcement here:

One of the things I like about the site is how they separate the information into four main buckets and then go into detail on the specific features.

The Roadmap Site’s 4 buckets are:

  • What’s has Launched
  • What’s Rolling Out
  • What’s In Development
  • What’s Canceled

Check it out for yourself and see what we have planned for you.

The Office 365 for business roadmap is available here: