hadoop_azureI have often been asked “Does Microsoft have a Hadoop strategy?” The answer is, Yes! The easiest way to get this to work is in Microsoft Azure using the HDInsight feature.

As businesses seek ways to store, manage and analyze their ever-increasing amounts of data, they have looked for tools to capitalize on this wealth of data. The tool that has emerged as the predominant Big Data analysis tool is Apache Hadoop, an open source software allowing multiple servers to mine data in parallel.

Microsoft has built HDInsight in Azure as part of our comprehensive data platform to facilitate large data analysis.  It includes Hadoop and SQL Server technology to offer an easy to use Big Data platform.

To setup a cluster of servers is now an easy task with HDInsight in Azure. From the Azure portal you select to create an HDInsight Cluster and choose from 1 to 32 servers. Azure will provision your cluster in just a few minutes and it will be configured with Hadoop and YARN. YARN is the cluster resource management sub-project introduced in Hadoop 2.0.

The HDInsight service also has an easy-to-use Web interface that gives users the ability to create interactive queries over the Hive, the Hadoop component that provides large data set querying and management capabilities.

If you are interested in mining your data for those golden nuggets a fast, easy, and less expensive way is to use the HDInsight tool in Azure. Give it a try today!


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