ipadToday Microsoft announced and released Office for iPad. Specifically Word, Excel, and PowerPoint released for the iPad. OneNote had an update release also.

At about 1 PM CST the apps went live in the App Store and I pulled them down immediately. I am extremely impressed in their functionality. These are not just light weight applications like in the web browser or on the phone. These apps have most of the features I use when I create documents on a full blown PC.

I have heard technical people state that iPads are for consuming information but not good for creating documents. Well I think that might have just changed.

I will have to let you know after I try to edit a presentation on my iPad Mini but my first impressions are that these are very high quality apps with functionality on par with full desktop apps.

What you need to know if you want to try Office for iPad 

You download the apps individually, not as an office suite. Upon opening one of the downloaded apps you receive information about Office 365. You can read documents but you can’t edit or create documents unless you have an Office 365 subscription.

I started the Excel and choose to run read only. Then I clicked a link in the app to enter my Office 365 credential. After authenticating it opened the ability to fully edit documents.  





Word(Medium) Excel (Medium) PPT(Medium)

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I did find one issue. My iPad choked on opening a PowerPoint document that was 145 Megabytes in size. It stated that it didn’t have enough memory and I should close some apps and try again. I guess I can’t throw out my workstation just yet. Winking smile (JK, can’t live without my Asus Zenbook touch) I did open a 6 meg presentation, pictured above that worked just fine and rendered perfectly.  I will play with this a little more and let you know what I find. Leave a comment and let us know what you find as you work with these new apps!

Cheers, Brian

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