DisasterRecoveryImageOver the next three weeks my team will be running a blog series with a new post each day covering Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity topics. We chose the topic of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity because this is an absolute necessity in any IT shop and we want to help give you the information you need to have a successful plan in place.

We will cover topics including best practices for DR, our personal experiences in DR, and Microsoft technologies that are useful for DR. Here is the list of topics that I will update with the links as they publish.

Day Author Blog Post Link
Feb 10 Brian INTRO TO SERIES: Disaster Recovery Planning for I.T. Pros (this post)
Feb 11 Jennelle Disaster recovery for IT Pros: How to Plan, What are the considerations?
Feb 12 Brian Value of Server Virtualization to Disaster Recovery Management.
Feb 13 Tommy How Hyper-v Replica can save the day
Feb 14 Keith Create Backups of VMs in Windows Azure by using PowerShell
Feb 17 Keith Cloud-based Backup and Restore for Windows Azure Virtual Machines
Feb 18 Jennelle Is there value in testing your Disaster Recovery plan?
Feb 19 Yung High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Windows Azure
Feb 20 Keith File Server Disaster Recovery to the cloud with Windows Azure
Feb 21 Matt What about Fluffy the cat and saving your desktops?
Feb 24 Keith Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager (HRM)
Feb 25 Jennelle Disaster Recovery Planning Checklist
Feb 26 Kevin “The Case for the Offline Backup”
Feb 27 Keith Planning for DR capacity with the Capacity Planner for Hyper-V Replica
Feb 28 Brenda Building a disaster recovery environment for SharePoint in Windows Azure — a few things we learned
  Brian Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity Series recap