Communications-NSA-SnoopingToday on the Microsoft Official Blog Brad Smith, Microsoft’s General Counsel & Executive Vice President, announced Microsoft’s commitment to protect customer data from Governments and Hackers alike.

If you follow computer security issues like I do then you have been alarmed by the realization that all governments are spending heavily to have access to your data. The MUSCULAR program, from our own NSA, is intercepting data as it flows between data centers of companies like Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft. The idea of a “man in the middle attack” has often been talked about but often dismissed as very difficult to accomplish. Now it seems very likely that most governments around the world attempt this type of information gathering. So, not only do you need your cloud providers to encrypt traffic and data but you should do so on your networks also.

Another important statement in the post is about Microsoft’s position on the proper way for governments to get access to customers data. First they need to get it from the customer as they have always done before cloud hosting. Second in the rare instance that Microsoft would need to hand over data it will fight in court gag orders that prevent notifying customers.

I am very pleased to see Microsoft and other companies taking this stance witch I see imperative to protect democracy and liberty. Please take a moment to read the official post below.

The Official Microsoft Blog
Protecting customer data from government snooping