My Windows 8 Surface machines uses BitLocker by default. That is great if you lose  your device then others can’t get  your data; however, it is not so good when you have a technical issue. Well guess what happened to my Surface today? Yep, I had an issue. I was told “You’re locked out!” It went on to tell me to “Enter the recovery key to get going again” Here is a photo of the message:


Unfortunately I didn’t have the recovery key to my Windows RT Surface machine. I did remember that the key is stored somewhere on my Microsoft account that I use to login to the machine. Great!!! Smile  Finding the key however was much more difficult that it should have been. I looked all around the settings and profile on my account. If there is a way to find it from the menus, I still haven’t found it.

So I went and googled the Internet via the Bing search engine. Surprised smile Yep, it’s true you should try it and see if you like it. Just Bing it! I did and I found the answers I was looking for on Bing! <end of commercial>

The article I found gave me the direct link to get the key from my SkyDrive. Here is the link to get your recovery key: BitLocker Recovery Keys. I still haven’t found a link in the settings to find this information. If you know where it is please leave it in a comment.


After entering my recovery key I saw this screen!!!! Hurray!!!

Here is the article I found from Microsoft that gives the link:
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Here is the Direct Link:!/recoverykey