imageIt is shocking how much a stranger can know about you from your posts on social media. Most of us know not to post that our home is being left unguarded while we are gone on vacation. However, many still share enough information when they post where they or what they are eating that someone could figure out that you are not home. It is scary.

After watching the video I have linked below I just realized how much more vulnerable we are with the information we post to social media sites. It goes way beyond someone emptying your house while you are away.

In the video below Jack Vale approaches people and convinces people that he knows this stuff from his “psychic” powers. In reality he just saw they were nearby from a social media post. He then researches them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites. Then he makes his approach. People are shocked that he knows so much about them. In one case he knows more about the lady than her friend does. 

Watch Jack Vale the Social Medial Psychic

So, what do you think? Do you share too much online?