oomaOMG… Ooma is awesome! I just ported my home phone to Ooma three weeks ago and I am extremely happy with it!

History of the Lewis home phone:

Four years ago I switched from a traditional phone company land line to my cable company’s internet phone offering. I was able to lower my bill from over $80 a month to about $30 a month. I was able to port my phone number over and didn’t notice any difference in phone service.

I was very happy with the reduction in price from my traditional phone company for the past four years but, now that my kids all have cell phones, and I was wondering if I should pay for a home line at all. I do like having a home phone so I decided to look at my options. I looked at Vonage and Ooma. I ultimately decided on Ooma because it was cheaper. It is almost free.

Ooma – The Costs:

It is not free but it’s close. I purchased the Ooma device from amazon for $119. Then I paid an optional $40 porting fee to have my number transferred to Ooma. Lastly I do have to pay a monthly fee to cover the cost of taxes and fees in Wisconsin. That amounts to about $3.50 a month for me.

So now I have a home phone for $3.50 a month and it works great! Ooma does offer advanced features that cost about $10 a month. The advance / Premier features are very cool but I don’t really need them so for now I am skipping them. For more details on the advanced / premier features see Ooma’s website: http://www.ooma.com/products/premier

What it takes to setup Ooma:


First, I purchased the Ooma device from Amazon. After the device arrived I setup an account and registered the device on the Ooma website. That was it and I had a phone line up and running. After I verified that it worked well I went back to the Ooma website and requested a phone number port. A week later my phone number was ported over. It took a phone call to support to have the number port “fixed” because it had a configuration error. After that was fixed it has been working perfectly since. For the past three weeks I have been using Ooma as my home phone and it has worked flawlessly. I am now a happy Ooma customer.

There are several ways you can hook up the Ooma Telo device to your network. I just plugged it into my switch along with all my other devices. Then I plugged in my phone line into the device. My home phones work just as they did with the traditional phone company.

My Network and Phone Setup:

For more information checkout their website: http://www.ooma.com

If you have a question, negative experience, or better setup leave a comment and let us all know.