windowsazure497e851aa948Windows 8.1 has hit RTM and will be Generally Available on October 18th, 2013.

This release is a little different than the past. In the past releases customers were able to get the finished product from TechNet, MSDN, and the Volume Licensing website a few days after RTM.

This time around is a little different as customers will not be able to get the code until October 18th. The idea is that only OEM’s are getting the code to build and test systems, so they can introduce solid systems on release. Many techs are understandably angry that they can’t get their hands on the code this time around. If thing change and you can get a copy I will update this site.

Update: Microsoft will release the bits for Windows 8.1 before October 17th on MSDN and the Volume Licensing site. See

For more details see the Windows Team Blog:

Windows Server 2012 R2 also RTM’ed and has the same availability date of October 18th. You can read the announcement in Brad Anderson’s Blog: