teched-2013As technical conferences go tis was a great conference. There were a host of announcements on Monday and then sessions all week long that detailed many of the new features. For Windows Techs this means a host of new toys, errr, I mean features.

Instead of writing long descriptions of the event or what they served at lunch I am going to publish my notes. Because I am keeping it short you may be looking for more information. If there is something you want more info on just drop me a message.

Key Note Day 1: Monday June 3rd 2013

Brad Anderson’s Keynote: You can watch it yourself or see his blog post on it here:

TechNotes: It’s Time to Virtualize your workloads and Rethink your Storage

Server 2012 improvements

  • Enhanced Network Virtualization in Server 2012 R2
  • Inbox multi-tenant virtual network gateway in 2012R2
  • Still SMB 3 but now version SMB 3.02
  • SMB Direct 2.0 improved speed
    – with multiple NICs bottleneck is the speed of the memory
  • New WorkFolders (File Sync for Business)

Hyper-v improvements

  • Hyper-v Live export and cloning
  • Remote access via VM bus to remote to a VM console
  • Online vhdx resize (resize your Disks while the server is running)
  • Hyperv replica now offers ability to extend replication to a third location
  • Hyper-v recovery services – in the azure portal – manages recovery services
  • Hyper-v – Quality of Service Set the level of IOPS allowed for this VM (IOPS throttling)
  • Full dynamic memory support for Linux (hot add and remove memory)
  • Backup support for Linux – with 0 downtime (using a file system freeze cause no vss)
  • Shared VHDX file (VHDX file sharing between VMs enables failover clustering w/o SAN)
  • Datadedup on running Virtual Machines. Reduces data storage and increases performance.
  • Live Migration now can use compression or RDMA
    -with RDMA and multiple NICs bottleneck is the speed of the memory
  • Automatic Windows Guest VM activation
  • Windows Azure Pack – enables building Azure like offerings in house (requires System Center)

Windows Azure improvements

  • Trial changed – Now Get $200 of Azure free with your 1 month trial
  • MSDN – new lower rates for Dev and Test
  • New just turn your VM off and Compute Charging stops (don’t have to de-provision)

Windows 8.1 improvements

  • Stat screen control in GPO
  • Export-start PowerShell command
  • Variable snap view (side by side apps)
  • Simple update deployment
  • Remote Business Data Removal
  • More Biometrics device support
  • Malware resistance
  • Assigned Access (start just an app – Kiosk mode)
  • Workplace Join
  • Open MDM
  • RDS enhancements
  • VPN clients
  • Mobile broadband
  • Broadband tethering
  • Auto-triggered VPN

Widows RT

  • Enterprise Join
  • Enterprise Management
    – MDM

SQL 2014

  • In Memory Transaction System (Extremely fast & Scalable SQL server)