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My first computer job was as a tape librarian for the Phone Company. I worked in a large Datacenter and had to help manage 100,000 IBM-3490 tapes. I was just a cog in a large process of a Disaster Recovery plan for the Phone Company’s computers. The science of having a Disaster Recovery plan is almost as old as computers themselves.

disasterphoto_thumbIt probably wasn’t long after the first computers were used that data loss happened. Haven’t you ever been working on a document and then lost it due to some failure – either hardware or process related? That is were Disaster Recovery planning comes into play. If you don’t have a DR plan in place – you will after your first big data loss. Well, if your company survives that loss. 

A great way to plan your Disaster Recovery procedures is to work collaboratively with the stake holders of your business units and create a plan that first insures your data is protected and secure and second is restored in a timely and successful manor. (Back when I was at the Phone Company our test restores often failed our tests.) A great place to host these collaborative documents is up on a document management site. The first option for this that comes to mind is to setup a SharePoint Foundation 2013 on Azure IaaS, but if we want to set this up for Free then I look to my favorite Open Source web engine and Azure Web Sites. So here is a Step by Step guide to running WordPress on a Free Azure Website to host your Document Management System for your DR Plan Repository.

Step 1. Create A Free WordPress Azure Web Site
You can create up to 10 free Azure Web Sites under a Microsoft Account.

  1. Create an Azure Free Trial Account. Click this link for details on creating your 90 day trial account

  2. Login to the Windows Azure Management Portal.

  3. Click on the “WEB SITES” Section in the left side column and create a WordPress Web Site. For detailed instructions on creating a WordPress Site see this blog article:

  4. In your WordPress Site Click on the “Plugins” section. Then Click on the “ Add New” tab under Plugins.

  5. On the Install Plugins Page enter “WP Document Revisions” in the Search box and click on “Search Plugins”.

  6. From the List of Available Plugins choose to install the WP Document Revisions Plugin.

  7. Click “OK” to install

  8. Activate the Plugin

  9. Now there will be a new Documents Tab on the right side. This is the new Document Management Section of your WordPress site where you will share your Disaster Recover Documents.

  10. Here is a quick tutorial on how to use WP Document Revisions to manage your documents.

    WP Document Revisions


  11. Plan your Disaster Recover Procedures…
    As you plan don’t forget about our new backup technologies to Azure. Smile

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Hope you you find this a useful tool for your Document Management. If you are looking for a more robust tool and don’t mind the cost– take a look at SharePoint in Office 365.