Windows-Azure-logoFrom time to time as the Azure team updates the offerings in the Azure portal I have seen various strange issues. The one I ran into today was that many domain names where already taken when I went to create a new VM. was taken as well as the shorter versions of this name were all taken. I tried several other domain names, which I kept adding zeros to the end or ‘abcd’ to the end, but were still all failing validation like they were taken. I kept getting the response that “The DNS name that you specified is already in use.” This was occurring far to often to be real. I am just not that unlucky that the 50 different strange names I tried were not unique. It was worse than when I try to get an email name on hotmail. Smile

Here is the dialog I was receiving:


Here is the solution to this and other Azure Portal issues:

  1. Logout of the Azure Portal website
  2. Clear your browser’s cache
     image   image
  3. Login to the Azure portal and all should work! Smile

I believe the issue here is that there are new components to the Azure portal but your browser still has old components cached and that causes the problems. My new best practice is to clear the browser cache before logging into the Azure portal. Hope this may save you some trouble shooting!