azure1You can try Microsoft’s Azure Public Cloud service for free by setting up an Azure Free Trial Account. This account offers the ability to run 10 Azure Web Sites for free in a multi-tenant environment. Further you can seamlessly upgrade to a paid Shared multi-tenant or Reserved instance model as your traffic grows.

In addition to the free websites you get a free 3-Month trial with these consumption Limits.

Steps to Sign up for your Azure Free Trial

  1. First step is to have a Microsoft ID. A hotmail account or the new account etc. If you don’t have one you can go here to create one:
  2. Sign up your Microsoft ID for the Azure Free Trial here: 
  3. You need a mobile phone and a credit card for verification when you signup. Click the arrow in the bottom right corner to continue.

  4. Fill in your Phone number and click “Send text message”
    Then enter the verification code that will be texted to you and click “Verify code”
    Lastly click the arrow at the bottom corner.
  5. Lastly please enter your credit card information. This will not be charged unless you specifically enable it to be charged. Further you can set a monthly spending limit so that if it goes beyond an amount you set your Azure services will go inactive and you will stop being billed. Click Next.


  6. Now you will be logged into your Azure Portal. Have Fun!