azure1As of  January 2013 WordPress powers one of every six websites on the Internet. That is nearly 60 million websites in all, with thousands more are popping up every day. With the launch of Microsoft’s Azure Websites and Azure Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) I can’t think of a better place to run WordPress than on Azure – Microsoft’s Public Cloud.

In the table below are the links to a series of articles on running WordPress sites on Azure including many “how to” articles that will walk you through the process step by step.

My goal is to make it extremely easy for you to run your WordPress sites on Microsoft’s Azure platform, our cost effective, scalable, and easy to use public cloud solution.

Here is a list of articles for the series:

Link to Article
Why I Chose WordPress
Microsoft Datacenters – Where your Azure servers run
Step by Step Guide to setting up a Windows Azure Free Trial
How to run WordPress on Azure Websites for free
How to make WordPress scale using Content Data Networks (CDN)
How to scale up your WordPress site on Azure Websites
Publishing to WordPress from Microsoft’s free Windows Live Writer
How to optimize your website load speed using the tools in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer
The easiest way to run a highly scalable nginx WordPress site!
How to migrate your WordPress Site to Azure
WordPress isn’t just for blogs anymore: How to run your Company Website on WordPress
How many ways can you run WordPress on Azure IAAS
Running WordPress on Azure – Cost effective, Scalable, and Easy.

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