riverbed_logoI have always been impressed with the WAN compression technology that Riverbed offers. Wan compression can save you lots of bandwidth and speed up your network at the same time. This can save you money or make your slow WAN connections usable.

I just read a really interesting whitepaper that charted the effectiveness of using two Riverbed Steelhead appliances with Hyper-v Replica to reduce the amount of traffic as you replicate server changes from a primary server to your replica server.

If you have seen me demo Hyper-v then you have most likely seen me demonstrate Hyper-v Replica. I often refer to it as poor man’s geo clustering, because it is similar to the geo replication you can do with two SANs, but it costs about $230,000 less. It is included in Windows Server at no additional charge. Smile

The primary scenario for of Hyper-V replica is for disaster recovery. With Hyper-V Replica all of the changes from a primary virtual machine are replicated to another host server. This replication occurs every 5 minutes so there is a possibility of up to 5 minutes of data loss. Not as good as a real-time replication engine that waits for commits from the remote system but way better than going to last nights tape backup. If something happens at the primary site you just startup the replica VM.

In Hyper-v Replica we can compress that data that is copied between the two host servers but if you add in a Riverbed appliance it delivers amazing reduction in traffic. Over and above the built-in compression technology provided by Hyper-V Replica, the Riverbed devices were able to reduced traffic by up to 98% with 70% being typical for sustained and varied workloads. Wow! That is awesome!

Check out the Whitepaper, the link is:

I hope you find it as interesting as I did.