surfaceproI own a lot of tech hardware. I have stuff in all the major buckets from Linux, Android, OSX, IOS, Windows, Windows Phone. I need to ebay some of this stuff… I am a technologist and I like to know what everyone has in the market. I also like to know the good and the bad. One of the best ways to really know the strengths and weaknesses of a product is to live with it.

Unfortunately I don’t have an unlimited budget for this so I have to choose the products I evaluate carefully. I think most people live with this type of constraint with an even a tighter budget than I have. So, I warn you before hand – if you read this review of the Surface Pro you will probably want to go buy one. I sure do and no I don’t get a discount because I work for Microsoft.

I sure do want to go buy a Surface Pro. The part that pushes it over the edge for me is the Wacom pressure sensitive digitizer. This enables you to write and draw on the screen with an included pen. When the pen gets close to the screen it turns off the capacitive touch feature and uses a true digitizer. Very cool.

Here is the review that has me thinking about how I can justify getting another device:

Remember: I did warn you that if you read that article you might have the same dilemma as I do.