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One of the things my peers and I do in our roles as “IT Pro Evangelists” for Microsoft is write blog articles on technologies we find interesting. There is a lot of great information contained on these 11 blogs so I decided to write an app for Windows Phone to access these blogs.

To install the app you can search for the title “US IT Pro Blogs” in the Windows Phone Market place from your Windows Phone or you can get it here:

Here are the IT Pro blogs contained in the Phone app:

  • Brian Lewis – My Thoughts On IT
  • Kevin Remde – Full of I.T.
  • Blain Barton – Blog
  • Bob Hunt – The IT Pro Exchnage
  • Chris Avis – Blog
  • Dan Stolts – IT Pro Guru Blog
  • Harold Wong – Geekie Thoughs and Insights
  • Matt Hester – Candygrams for the IT Pro
  • Keith Mayer – IT Pros ROCK! at Microsoft
  • Tommy Patterson – Virtuallycloud9
  • Yung Chow – Hybrid Cloud

Currently this free blog reader is only available on Windows Phone! An exclusive… That’s right you need to “upgrade” to a Windows Phone to get this free app. It is not available on either iPhone or android handsets. Leave a comment and let me know if there is a “need” to have this published on other platforms. Also let me know your thoughts on improvements you would like to see.

Cheers –Brian