usflagI couldn’t believe my eyes as I read, on Paul Thurrotts Widows Supersite, that Lenovo has plans to open a PC manufacturing plant in North Carolina. Wow. Does the Chinese based Lenovo Corporation know something? Could the cost of building PCs be rising in China to the level where it makes sense to have factories in the U.S. again? It could be coming soon.

Foxconn Technology Group employs over 1 million workers in China and builds electronic devices all over the world for companies such as Acer, Apple, Cisco, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Sony and others. In China they have factory towns where the entire town is for the factories and employees live in dorms. They are known for paying a high wage for China but still rather low by U.S. pay standards.

Could it be that Lenovo is just trying to be more responsive to it’s customers in the U.S.? Or does Lenovo see a time in the near future when the costs are close? Are they worried about a disruption in the supply chain from problems in countries such as China and Mexico? For me this story raises more questions as it answers but it is great to see that manufacturing jobs are moving back to the USA.


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