ultrabookTechnology is continually evolving but there are certain times when there is an important change that hits the market. For example Apple shipped the iPhone in the US on June29, 2007. Now look at the smartphone market today! A huge transformational shift has occurred in the market. The iPad first shipped on April 3, 2010 and look at the tablet market today. It is growing and a huge rate and has been a very disruptive technology to the computer market. As a matter of fact I see the majority of features in Microsoft’s Windows 8 are direct response to these two disruptive devices.

On October 26th with the general availability of Windows 8, Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs) are going to be shipping all sorts of new hardware devices that will be running the new operating system. There will be “all in one” devices that look like a TV and have a touch screen. Some of these will be able to tilt like a table and then you have a touch table PC. A very cool multil use device. Multiple laptops will ship that convert in some fashion to a tablet form factor. Some will have the display separate from the base, some will fold over, some will swivel the screen and fold over the keyboard. These devices will all start fast – under 30 seconds. These devices will have long battery lives – 6 hours at a minimum. These devices will have a standby mode that starts in under 3 seconds with weeks of standby time.

The technology devices we use are evolving rapidly and we are at the pivotal point where things are about to get really interesting. Some companies will succeed and others will fail but there will be a lot of activity and the true winners in all of this will be us, the consumers.

In the future we consumers will buy very cool devices and the backend services will be run on servers in large datacenters. That will be the majority of the market. There will be niche markets that will do very well but I expect the mass market will follow this paradigm. The companies that will be the major winners in this world will be the device companies and the backend service companies. There are great opportunities here you just need to find them. When you do let me know so I can get rich too. Smile