1. You can buy a subscription. msdn.microsoft.com

2. Download the free tools: http://www.microsoft.com/express/

3. Startups can to join BizSpark. They get access to Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN (our best MSDN subscription offering) for up to 3 years through this special program. More details: http://www.microsoft.com/bizspark/

4. Web developers can join WebsiteSpark. They get access to Visual Studio Professional plus Windows Server and other products and resources. More details: http://www.microsoft.com/websitespark/

5. Partners (companies delivering technology-based services and products to their external customers) can join the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN). Partners with a competency in MPN get 5 or more Visual Studio Premium with MSDN subscriptions. More details: http://partner.microsoft.com/

6. Students can join DreamSpark. Students get Visual Studio Professional and certain Microsoft platforms. More details: http://dreamspark.com/