Windows-Server-2012In the latest TechNet ITcamp presentations I covered a high level overview of some of the new features in the up coming Windows Server 2012. If you attended then  2.2. Well, all of the details are still right but the name has changed to SMB 3.0. With so many changes to the protocol it does deserve a major version change. Here is a list of some of the enhancements:

  • SMB for Server Applications
  • SMB Scale Out
  • SMB Direct 
  • SMB Multichannel
  • Transparent Failover and node fault tolerance with SMB
  • VSS for SMB file shares
  • SMB encryption 
  • SMB Directory Leasing 

To find out about these new features read about SMB 3.0 from the links below.

Updated Links on Windows Server 2012 File Server and SMB 3.0 (lots of info to read here)

Download a copy to play with today: