My first computer was a TRS-80 Color computer. It hooked up to my TV to avoid the cost of a monitor. It was a great computer for 1982. Well forward 30 years and there are now tiny computers that use an HDMI connection to connect up to your TV. Further there is a USB port for your other connections like the keyboard and wireless for your network connection. These tiny devices are just a little larger than a USB drive. I don’t know if they will take off in the market but at the price of about $75 it sure is an interesting toy. I don’t know how well they work in regards to performance. They are supposed to be able to handle video playback. If they can do this well I could see taping one of these to the back of my flat panel TV and using it for playing my videos from my “Home Server” which stores my movies.

For more info on these devices see the online store:–wholesalers.html