Linux-penguin-hugeWant to run Linux inside the Microsoft Hyper-v Hypervisor? You can but before before the Linux Kernel 3.4 you had to install the paravirtualization drivers or the “Integration Services” drivers. Now those drivers are built right into the main kernel!

With the release of Linux Kernel 3.4, all of the Hyper-V drivers for Linux have exited the kernel staging tree and entered mainline Linux. Over three years in the making, this achievement tells a great story of collaboration between open source developers and Microsoft. The amount of assistance and feedback that the community provided to enhance our drivers was invaluable. 

Now that the drivers have exited staging, Microsoft’s focus is expanding to collaboration with Linux vendors to integrate the drivers into their distributions and to providing updated packages for both Red Hat and CentOS in particular.  Plenty of work remains to keep the drivers up-to-date and add new functionality in support of Windows 8 features.  Our direct contributions to the Linux kernel will remain a high priority.

Where can I get the drivers for use before the 3.4 Kernel?
External customers can obtain them via the Microsoft Download Center at this