The culture of work is changing. People want the freedom to work anywhere—at home, in the office, on the road—and they want instant access to everything they would typically have at their office desk. They want to bring their own PCs, slates, and smartphones to work. Not to mention, everyone’s more connected than ever with use of social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) at work and for work as well as work-related collaboration using cloud applications like web mail, cloud storage, and web apps. It’s time to give people the freedom to get things done their way. In return, you’ll unleash passion and productivity like never before.

This Jump Start will help IT learn how to enable people to leverage their own devices while maintaining security, streamlining management, and cutting costs.

  • Course: “Embracing the Consumerization of IT Jump Start”
  • Date/Time: May 15-16, 2012 from 8:00am – 12:00pm PST
  • Where: Live virtual classroom (online from wherever you are)
  • Cost: FREE!
  • Target audience: IT Professionals and IT Decision Makers

The “Consumerization of IT” is here!
Moving forward, IT should take the lead and choose a unified platform that provides the excitement and engagement of consumer technology with the added protection of enterprise-grade security. Organizations should address the consumerization of IT in a way that sparks creativity, encourages collaboration, and promotes innovation—all within the secure walls of an IT ecosystem that safeguards enterprise resources.


Day 1: Device Management

  • Module 1: Keynote: Enabling the Consumerization of IT
  • Module 2: End-to-End Security & Access
  • Module 3: User-Centric Application Delivery
  • Module 4: Mobile Device Management

Day 2: Data Access

  • Module 5: Productive with Office 365
  • Module 6: Information Protection
  • Module 7: Cloud Security and Management
  • Module 8: Desktop Virtualization