imageI opened my email this morning and started to wade through all the junk. Then I came across an email from TigerDirect that talks about a home power generator called the Cube X 15. Which promises powering your home without the power company. Ok, I am still waking up but I am amazed. (moving a bit slow this morning)

I started to search the web for more details and didn’t find much. Searched the technology, the name of the inventor… Then I read the article a little closer and realized it talked about creating “1000KHGz of power, endlessly!” I then realized that KHGz isn’t a measure of power.

Oh – this stupid email was sent yesterday on April fools day. Now I read the comments and it all makes sense. Thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my morning! That and the crop circles cut into my lawn yesterday make this a April fools to remember. aragggaaaa.

I hope you had a good April 1st!

Link to TigerDirect – Cube X 15.