imageFans of the movie “The Hunger Games” can visit the fictional nation of Panem and immerse themselves into its futuristic Capitol city by visiting a new Internet Explorer 9 website that is powered by HTML5.

Most movie websites are designed by using Adobe Flash, which means that they can’t be accessed by people who are using iPods, iPads, and Windows Phones. This is one of the first movie launch sites to try and use only the new technologies. This is cutting edge and it will be interesting to see how well this site works compared to other sites that have used flash.

“The Hunger Games” site is designed to work with all major browsers, but if you run Internet Explorer 9 you should have the best experience and offer a hologram tour guide.

Check it out at:

Oh, and the movie releases today! So why not skip out this Friday afternoon and enjoy an afternoon at the movies? Winking smile

Update: Just saw the movie this past Sunday and it was really good. I went with 6 people and every one enjoyed it. Including the two who have read the book.