backgroundWindows Vista and Windows 7 had a new integration that let you integrate programs into the desktop. These were called desktop gadgets.

In Windows 7 if you right click on the desktop select “Gadgets” then a Window with a few built in gadgets comes up. At the bottom right corner is a link that says “Get more gadgets online”. In the past this took you to the Windows Live Gallery with hundreds of gadgets that Windows enthusiasts built. Now it takes you to a page that lists the top 30 gadgets.

I wrote a gadget up there called the RDP Gadget for Windows. The reason I wrote it is because I wanted something that gave me a quick way to remote into my servers that I managed and I didn’t like the other things that were out there. While it wasn’t the most amazing software ever written, I do get request from time to time from people who are looking for it.

So with that in mind I put up the install in my SkyDrive here:

The file is called RemoteDesktop.gadget. Download it. Double click it and it will install.

If you want to see the source code just change the extension from .gadget to .zip and open it. It is written in html and javascript.