Here is a list of the Microsoft IT Pro Evangelist from around the world with their blog URLs and their Twitter handles. We would love it if you find one you like and follow both their blogs and tweets. Get involved and let us know what you think.


John Weston Texas @technetguy
Harold Wong AZ @haroldwong
Chris Avis WA @chrisavis
Kevin Remde Minn @kevinremde
Brian Lewis WI @brianlewis_
Bob Hunt NY @bobhms
Blain Barton FL @blainbar
John Baker GA @johnbake
Yung Chou NC @yungchow
Dan Stolts Mass @itproguru
Felipe Lemaitre Corporate
Christian Linacre Corporate @linacre
Joey Snow Corporate @joeysnow
Rick Claus Corporate @RicksterCDN
Symon Perriman Corporate @SymonPerriman
David Tesar Corporate @dtzar


Arlindo Alves Belgium @aralves
Renao Giorgini Itlay
Anders Wedahl Sweden @wedahl
Michael Epprecht @fastflame
Jeff Alexander Australia @jeffa36
Seung Joo Baek Korea @happyKoalra
Nathan Mercer New Zealand @nathanm
Ruth Morton Canada @ruthm
Damir Bersinic Canada @DamirB
Ryan Storgaard Canada @RyanStorgaard
Damien Caro Europe @dcaro
Tomas Kanturek Czech Republic
Fabrice Meillon France @fabrice_m
Jiang Xiao China
Stephanus Schulte Germany
Patrick Heyde Germany
Heike Ritter Germany @HeikeRitter
Bernhard Frank Germany
Aviraj Ajgekar India @aviraj111
Junichi Anno Japan @junichia
Daniel Levi Argentina
Maria Sol Mangino Argentina
Fabio Hara Brazil @fabiohara
Vinicious Apolinario Brazil
Ruben Colomo Mexico
Benjamin Figueroa Mexico @benfig
Renat Minazhdinov Russia @renatmin
Simon May UK @simonster
Zack Owens China