If you want to create your own “Private Cloud” you need to start with virtualization. I know; If you have read the previous posts on the  “30 Days of Cloud” then you know there is more to a private cloud than just virtualization. Virtualization is just where start!

Installing Hyper-v is fast, easy, and at no additional charge. That’s right the latest version of Hyper-v is included in all three editions of Server 2008 R2. Standard, Enterprise, and Datacenter. If you want to get your hand on the Server  code and don’t already own a copy you can download a 180 day evaluation here: http://www.microsoft.com/click/services/Redirect2.ashx?CR_CC=200069528

Installing Hyper-v on Server 2008 R2

Installing Hyper-v On Server 2008 R2 in under 2 Minutes

Another way you can get the server and over 480 other Microsoft software products for use in your test lab with a TechNet Pro license. That’s right it is full blown – fully licensed software for use in your test environment.  The first year is $349 each and to renew is only $249. This is where I get my code and keys for my test machines. Get your boss to buy you a subscription today! Oh and one more thing – the software doesn’t stop working if you let your license expire.

You can find out more about TechNet Pro at:

You can purchase a TechNet subscription here:

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