Ahh yes. I remember it well. The day System Center Virtual Machine Manager met Virtualization. The way it enabled me to control the cloud on my terms. It is a love story you want to see. VMM is in control in this relationship. It is all about automating your management and provisioning of your virtualization to give you a private cloud.

To me computers are all about automating tasks and that is what SCVMM does throughout it’s feature set. It automates patching, provisioning new servers, placing servers in the server farm, migrating servers, and responding to failures. This is the one tool that does it all when it comes to your private cloud.

Take a look at the feature list below and then download the just released Release Candidate code and load it up in your test lab. You too will fall in love with SCVMM.

System Center Virtual Machine Manager Features:

  • Heterogeneous Virtualization Management from One Console – Virtual Machine Manager provides compatibility with VMware, Citrix, and Hyper-v. VMM supports both Live Migration and VMotion.
  • Fast, Reliable P2V Conversions – VMM improves the P2V experience to create a virtual machine faster and without having to interrupt the source physical server.
  • Intelligent Placement –VMM analyzes performance data and resource requirements for both the workload and the host. This enables an IT administrator to get tailor-made deployment recommendations, essential to maximizing the use of physical assets.
  • Centralized Resource Management – The VMM Administrator Console provides a central work area for performing resource tuning. Resource settings can be changed on virtual machines without interrupting workloads.
  • Dynamic or Event-based Resource Optimization – Performance and Resource Optimization helps ensure that virtual machine infrastructure is operating efficiently and uses rules and policies to dynamically respond to poor performance or failures of virtualized hardware, operating systems or applications.
  • Rapid Virtual Machine Provisioning – VMM enables quick provisioning of new virtual machines.
  • Centralized Library – The library in VMM centrally manages all the building blocks of the virtual datacenter, such as virtual hard disks, CD/DVD media images, and templates and ISO images.
  • Rapid Deployment of Virtual Machine Templates – The library in VMM adds virtual machine templates to the administrator’s toolkit. They contain both the guest operating system configuration and the hardware configuration, to ensure datacenter consistency.
  • Centralized Monitoring – Once workloads are consolidated onto a virtual infrastructure, VMM 2008 R2 provides IT administrators with reports and monitoring data.
  • End User Self Service – VMM enables end users to manage their own servers to the extent an administrator allows in the console as well as an optional portal.
  • Fabric Management – Hyper-v manages the network and storage of your virtualized environment.
  • Hyper-v life cycle management – deploy to bare metal, configure, manage, patch
  • Hyper-v Cluster Management – create cluster, configure, orchestrated patching of a hyper-v cluster

Create a private cloud today by combining hosts and networking, storage, and library resources together with System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012. Try it today and see how perfect a match SCCM and virtualization are. You can download the Release Candidate at the link below.

Download the System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 RC

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