surface2I have played a bit with a Microsoft Surface Table 1.0 in the Microsoft office. They are a great and useful invention, but they haven’t seen as widespread adoption as  I had hoped. I wanted to see them everywhere. In stores, coffee shops, bars, and shopping malls.

I want to sit in a restaurant and order my food and drinks by touching the table. Then surf the internet or play a game of chess while I wait for it to be delivered. I want to stand in the car dealership next to the car I want and interactively engage with the multimedia presentation of my new car. I want to sit at a table with a landscaper as they page through the photos of work they have done similar to what I am looking to have them do for my home.

With the next version Microsoft Surface 2.0 we may see just that. It is expected to ship in January 2012. The Surface 2.0 is a Samsung 40-inch HD LCD TV touch screen. It will be priced at around $7,600 and feature an AMD multicore CPU and GPU. It comes with 4GB of RAM and a 320 Gigabyte  Hard Drive.

Take a look at the video below to see Surface 2.0 in action:

Surface 2.0