wp7This is almost old news now (11 days old) but the Windows 7.5 release is available from all carriers. They are releasing the upgrade gradually so that it lightens the load on the servers. I was just going to wait till my phone notified me but after talking to a customer, who also had the Sprint HTC Arrive, I decided I couldn’t wait. You can force the upgrade by following these directions:

The software update includes more than 500 new features and enhancements, many of which are designed to consolidate and integrate various messaging services and provide users with a more unified online experience. Now that I have been running 7.5 for 3 days I have found a few favorite new features. Here is my list:

My Top Favorite Sweet New Windows Phone 7.5 Features

  1. Searching – updated greatly – Bing- vision search, music search, local search
    In app searching. Contacts – added searching corporate directory
  2. Voice recognition – new commands (Call, Text, Find, Open)
  3. History view – on your contacts see you interactions with them.
  4. Manage Wi-Fi networks. Now you can connect to networks that don’t broadcast their SSID
  5. Speed improvements – application loading and exiting
  6. Background tasks – Programs can run in the background
  7. Zune player – smart DG, podcasts
  8. A new setting – “battery saver”
  9. The game hub updates Game hub updates – edit your Avatar

    If you have a Windows Phone – Upgrade it – you will be happy you did!

UPDATE: I was just driving along in my Honda with my phone paired to the blue tooth in the car. My wife texted me and the car told me I had  a new text. Then it asked me if it should read me the text. Lastly she asked me if I wanted to reply to the text. Then it transcoded my voice perfectly and asked it if should send the message. Wow!!! In addition it plays music over the radio via stereo Bluetooth. Now we’re cooking with gas!!! Smile