ssd_710seriesIf you have been using solid state drives then you probably know that they are not all created equally. Some are fast some are not. Some work well and some don’t. One rule I found to be true is the Intel drives work well and are fast. Though the price of SSDs are still high when compared to traditional disk they are the current disk of the future.

Intel has announced its new solid state disk drives for the enterprise, the 710-series. These SSDs will come with capacities ranging from 100GB to 300GB and include features to protect data and enhance the life of the drives. The drives replace the previous X25-E SSDs, which were also targeted at enterprises. The 710 series disks have data transfer rates of 270 MB/s read and 210 MB/s write.

The 100 GB versions will sell for $650, the 200 GB model for $1250 and the 300 GB flagship model for $1900.

Anyone want to buy me a few of these? I bet it would work nice in my laptop…