imageIf you have heard me talk about it before then you know I love Windows Live SkyDrive! SkyDrive provides 25 Gig of personal cloud storage for Free. All you need is a Windows Live ID.

This past Monday SkyDrive has been upgraded with HTML5 and CSS3 to give a cleaner and easier to use interface to your files through your web browser. It responds faster and has added a couple of photo view enhancements.


You can share files with specific other people or share them with anyone or keep them private. You can also keep files synchronized between your multiple PCs and SkyDrive.

Windows Phone 7 already has some SkyDrive integration which is expanding with the Mango update this fall. Currently you can upload your photos to SkyDrive. Uploading your videos will be added and a Live Mesh client is expected also.

Give it a try: