Linux-penguin-huge-704931Microsoft now supports 3 versions of Linux running on our Hyper-v virtual server environment. The three supported flavors are Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Suse Linux Enterprise Server, and CentOS. CentOS Linux was added because it’s a popular distribution for hosting providers and Microsoft wants to make it very appealing for hosting providers to use our product. Red Hat and Suse are very popular in enterprise customer datacenters and they have been supported in Hyper-v for a while.

Hyper-V is able to run other versions of Linux but it does not fully support other version. The best way to run Linux on Hyper-v is to use the paravirtualization drivers or “enlightenments”. If the linux distro runs on Xen well it should run well on Hyper-v. You can get the paravirtualization drivers by installing the Linux Integration Components or the Satori InputVSC drivers.

For more info on the announcement see Sandy Gupta’s blog post: