asus-ux-smallIntel has announced a new class of PC dubbed the “Ultrabook”. This is a thin and light notebook that is fully powered. Ok, so what is the difference between these and the current thin notebooks like the Samsung Series 9? (Which I really want BTW) The difference is that Intel has created the specification and chipsets to go with it. The have a 22nm Ivy Bridge 2nd generation Intel Core processor for this package. This will allow the system to be packaged into a shell less than 20mm (0.8 inch) thick, and sell for under $1,000. The Ultrabooks will also incorporate tablet features. I am not sure what “tablet like” features are but I would expect it to mean touch enabled on the screen and instant from a sleep mode. One of the first Ultrabooks available will be the Asus UX21 Ultrabook (pictured above) which is 17mm at its thickest point.

In my humble opinion, it is about time that thin and light yet capable notebooks become a focus area of the vendors and at a reasonable price. The Samsung Series 9 is a great machine but at a list price of $1649 it is out of the budget for many users. So I think these machines will fly off the shelves. Intel agrees and expects that these new Ultrabooks will account for 40 percent of consumer laptop sales by the end of next year(2012). To me this is a great development! I love to see competition at work and I am looking forward to an Ultrabook!