big-viewer-WIFI-04-lrg__V188696053_I had to get a Kindle because it is a technical work of art. It weighs only 8.5 ounces and has an amazing display. After two months I have only needed to charge it about every four weeks! That isn’t marketing – that is real world usage. It has some very cool experimental features too. One is, “Read to me”, a text to speech feature that absolutely rocks. It reads the book to you! Another great experimental feature is a web browser based on webkit.

There are a few areas for improvement.  One disappointment is that the square mouse on the bottom right is clumsy. It is small and hard to get to do exactly what you want. Another big disappointment is that it lacks an RSS or blog reader. You can subscribe to a large list of blogs but they want you to pay for it. Bummer. I would also like to see more applications. There are a few games you can download but that is it.  An SDK for developers would also be nice. I am sure people could think of some great things to do with this device. Hopefully it will have it one day. This device has the potential to have iPad type success but they need to open things up just a little for that.

I have found it to be the best electronic device for reading that I have ever used. Even thought it is only black and white; the quality of the display makes you think it is one of those printed plastic screen protectors that you peel off when you first buy something. The clarity of the display is so fantastic that it often fools my eyes into thinking it is that printed plastic. The biggest benefit for long reading is that my eyes don’t get tired on this type of display. Unlike on an iPad or computer display.

You can pick these up for as low as $114 from amazon: