We’re in the 2nd cycle of the WP7 User Group sweepstakes and I would like your help in promoting to the community. Remind developers in your community to submit their WP7 app entries to win 1 of 10 “unlocked Samsung Focus” phones.  The 2nd contest cycle closes on Mar. 31st, –AND the odds of winning are really good.   If your group doesn’t already have an event code or you forgot yours, they can use:  VIL12

I’ve posted the following tweet this morning: 

Got a Windows Phone 7 App in Marketplace? I have 10 more unlocked Samsung Focus phones to giveaway: http://bit.ly/WP7DevSwpstks

If you would like a Windows Phone 7 kit to help promote this contest within your community, send me your address and phone number, and I’ll get one out to you.  Each kit has its own event code plus the following:

§ A USB drive for you: loaded with everything you need to put on a fun and informative event. We even have a template to send to your users so they can come to the event prepared to start developing.

§ Five USB drives for your group: containing templates and tools to be used by your user group to get started in building their apps. These USB drives can be shared at your event (that’s why there are 5!).

§ SWAG: Fun stuff to give away that you can use to drive attendance and interaction at your event—or for awards to the best teams and apps.

    • (10) Windows Phone 7 T-shirts (Black, Small – XXL)
    • (20) Windows Phone eGrips (yellow, green, blue, red)
    • (20) Windows Phone 7 Neoprene Phone Holders (Black, Green, Blue)