It looks to me like 2011 is going to be an amazing year in technology and very good in particular for Microsoft. I have come to this conclusion because of all the great technology the entire industry is releasing. There is a lot of innovation happening at a very rapid pace and there are two items Microsoft has just released that exemplify this. They are the Kinect and Windows Phone 7. This past holiday break my family had the luck of receiving both of these products. They were both huge hits with the kids and adults alike.

KinectWe received an Xbox Kinect from Santa. This device is amazing! It is a completely whole new game experience. Everyone had tons of fun playing games and dancing. Even Grandma had to get in the action and play some games. The Kinect watches your body move and it either evaluates your dance moves or it uses these movements to control a video game. Not only was this amazing fun but it was also a great workout. This is a great new gaming experience but more importantly this is a technological advancement that will transform some of the ways that we will interact with computers in the future.

dellvenueproI purchased a new Dell from the Microsoft store in Oakbrook, IL. No not a PC. I have the new Dell Venue Pro smartphone which runs Windows Phone 7. Wow – this phone is a great device. It is hard to remember the world before cell phones. It is even harder to remember when cellphones couldn’t text. Today even low end cellphones have the ability to email and surf the web. This smartphone does all of that and more with ease. Browsing the web on my new phone is a delightful experience. No really, you have to try it. The experience on the Dell Venue Pro is fast and snappy and fun. I also enjoyed trying all the different applications on the Marketplace. The excitement and thrill of exploring this new technical tool reminds me of the feelings I had when I first got into computers back in the early 80’s. The Dell Venue Pro is truly the pinnacle of where cellphone technology is today.

Take a look at the industry’s latest products; from the just announced Intel core vPro processor family to the Kinect to Windows Phone 7 to new products announced at the Consumer Electronics Show. The technical innovations and societal advancement we can see in today’s products are truly inspiring and will only help drive the things we will see released in the next few years to even greater heights. I am excited to see what 2011 will bring. It continues to be a great time to live and to work in technology.