I see two very interesting trends in technology that are shaping the future of the IT world. The two trends are Deperimerterization and Consumerization of IT.

Deperimeterization – This is the disappearance of strict boundaries between internal and external networks. In the past enterprises were able to protect their servers and their workstations because they were all behind the corporate firewall. All machines played safely in their own company sandbox. Today end-users are often accessing corporate resources from an internet connection. And corporate resources are often being hosted by a third party on the internet for example salesforce.com hosting your CRM. This is fundamental change in corporate networks and the security paradigm.

Consumerization of IT – Tech savvy Consumers are making the decisions of what technology they want to work with in the work world. This is very different that the past when they worked with what they were given by their company. There are some organizations embracing this and there are others who are fighting it. In the end employees who want to use their iPhones to do their work will and it is fruitless to fight it. This will only continue to become more prevalent as todays tech savvy youth enter the workforce and demand tools

These two trends are directly shaping how IT groups are architecting for the future and how computer products are being designed and marketed for tomorrow.  I predict that these trends will continue at a rapidly growing pace in the years to come. I further believe we will see transformative technology in the next three years. The iPad is just the beginning of things to come.

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