I replaced my John Deere 48” residential riding lawn mower with the Gravely 54” zero turn mower in 2008. It reduced my mow time by two thirds. Specifically it dropped from 3 hours down to 1 hour to mow a little under 3 acres.

One of the main reasons I bought the Gravely 2554 XL lawn lawn mower is because it could also be a snow blower. I have been pretty happy with the snow blower attachment except for a problem throwing the main attachment belt off when under heavy load (i.e. deep snow). I have fixed that problem and have detailed it here in hope that I can help others get rid of that annoyance. 

The tension pulley is the important item here. I moved the spring off of the post on the right side to the left side side and rerouted the belt accordingly. In the pictures below you can see I have it ziptied to the left side of the snow blower arm. I may do something more permanent this summer but for now this is working great! Due to a blizzard yesterday I had the chance to try this on some three foot snow drifts and it chowed through it perfectly. Previously it always would throw off the belt with this kind of exertion.

The cost of this mower is a little higher than my frugal side likes but the performance I have been able to get from this machine is worth every penny. Now that I can go through the deep stuff without having to reseat the belt – it is close to perfect!

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