Microsoft is releasing an updated version of my favorite Antivirus program. It is my absolute favorite antivirus program for three reasons:

  1. It is fast and unobtrusive
  2. It is an effective Anti-virus Program
  3. It is free for home users and companies with 10 or fewer machines

The new version Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0 revamps the heuristic scanning engine, adds Windows Firewall integration as well as network traffic inspection.  This means that it will be even better at detecting malicious programs before they touch your system. It uses the Windows Filtering Platform architecture to accomplish this. This network subsystem is in Windows Vista and Windows 7 but not available in Windows XP so this new network traffic inspection is only available in the newer Widows OSs. Another new feature is the integration with IE where it prevents malicious scripts from running in memory where the previous version only detected these scripts when they were saved to the hard drive.

If you have been a user of Microsoft Security Essentials – don’t worry it will auto update to the new version. If you haven’t used it before but would like to give it a try you can download it from: Enjoy!!!

BTW: if you are looking for antivirus for your corporate environment. The licensing agreement restricts it’s use for companies with over 10 machines. If you organization has over 10 machines then Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 is the corporate version of this program that you should use.