Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT). Things happen—especially when you’re touching so many computers when deploying Windows 7. For example, you might deploy a faulty device driver that previous Windows 7 from starting. A user might permanently delete important files when preparing for installation, and you need to recovery them. For many of these one-off problems, DaRT provides a set of tools that you can use to troubleshoot and repair them.


I have been showing DaRT lately and customers really want to get their hands on it. It is hidden pretty well so I have detailed how to download it. First you need access to Technet, MSDN, or the Volume Licensing Website.

On TechNet and MSDN you get it from the Subscribers download page:
Here is the link for TechNet. (Not a TechNet Subscriber? Join today…)


In the search products pane type “Desktop Optimization Pack” ( it lists under servers)

Download whole MDOP pack. The MDOP pack has 5 Programs in it and DART is one of them.

Hope that helps – Enjoy!